German Short Rows

The German Short Row is my favourite — I should say my only — short row technique. It is simple and straightforward. It produces neat, well nigh invisible shaping, as on a shoulder on a Ziggurat.

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When substituting German short rows for a classic w&t you just want to remember that a wrapped stitch in the w&t version is the same as the 'turned' or 'doubled' stitch in German short rows.

German short rows create the same shaping that you would create with regular "wrap & turn" short rows, but they require no wrapping. Additionally, they look neater and they even feel more.

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I like techniques that are straightforward and easy to remember. The German Short Row (GSR) technique is one of my favourite short rows method.

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Take short rows for example. Ask several different knitters and you will find several different ways of adding fabric to your work without adding overall length. Today we will look at German Short Rows.

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29.01.2020 – In diesem Video lernt ihr was es bedeutet in verkürzten Reihen, im Englischen auch German short rows genannt, zu sticken.

This German Short row heel has a very snug fit and is ideal for people with rather narrow and slender feet. It's, however, not the best option for most men, who prefer roomier options (like.

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For elegant short-row shaping with minimal gaps or distorted stitches, Shibui Knits recommends the German Short Row technique. With no stitch markers or.


Daraufhin zog ich das Teil bis unter die verkürzten Reihen wieder auf und startete einen neuen Versuch, dieses Mal mit German Shortrows.

German short rows. This tutorial shows how to work one set of German short rows in stockinette stitch. Tip: make sure you work the first couple of stitches.

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A step-by-step tutorial on the German Short Row or "working the Double Stitch". Mimi uses this short row technique exclusively and in her pattern designs.

Step 1: Knit to the turning point and turn your work.

Step 2: Slip 1 stitch from the left to the right needle purlwise with the yarn at the front of the work.

German short-rows have become an increasingly common short-row knitting technique. Their popularity is understandable: they are simple to execute and they produce excellent results.

I like techniques that are straightforward and easy to remember. The German Short Row (GSR) technique is one of my favourite short rows method.

It sometimes happens when we use short rows to shape a heel of a sock (for example, in Sneaker Socks) and we have to wrap the same “border stitch” twice. When.

However, German Short Rows are even simpler than the Wrap + Turn technique, and since you In this tutorial we break down German Short Rows into a few easy steps and also show you how to.

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When it happens, German short rows technique forms a small but noticeable hole. In all other cases, it is a great way to create almost invisible short rows in any stitch pattern with just three simple steps.


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